Compare Vehicles With Highest Gas Mileage – Best Fuel Economy

View the most fuel-efficient cars and trucks from all vehicle manufacturers. Although Hybrids get the best gas mileage, many other vehicles get up to 40 mpg. You can save money on your gas and car insurance rates by buying or leasing these models.

Comparing the best and worst 2017 vehicles for mpg can save you money in gas and repair expenses. Electric and self-driven are also reviewed.

Compare Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles With Best Gas Mileage

We compare all classes of vehicles, including SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury cars, hatchbacks, minivans, sports cars, convertibles and station wagons. Higher miles-per-gallon vehicles often feature the lowest car insurance rates.

Cars that get the best gas mileage, and also feature affordable car insurance prices, include the Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid SE, Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Chevrolet Volt, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid SE, and Toyota Camry Hybrid LE.

Although “Green” cars and Hybrids get the best mileage, many other cars and trucks are very cost-effective. Each year, new improvements increase fuel efficiency.