New and Used Box Trucks For Sale – Box Truck Financing 214-233-5162. New, Used.

New and Used Box Trucks For Sale – Box Truck Financing 214-233-5162. New, Used. CFF has the ability to finance all types of commercial equipment. Since 1995, we have become one of the largest independent financing companies within the COMMERCIAL MOVING TRUCK and DELIVERY INDUSTRY. New and used moving trucks, 26 or 16 foot moving trucks, delivery trucks, moving trucks for business, trailers, sprinter vans, and other moving vans, are all qualified equipment.

Used equipment up to 15 years old can even qualify!

So, before you shop around for your next moving or delivery van, truck, or trailer… let’s get your financing in order first, so you can be pre-approved and have immediate access to funds when you find a great deal! * Contact our Moving Equipment Financing Specialist: 214-233-5162

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