10 Necessary Upgrades for the 2014 BMW R1200GS WC Adventure Motorcycle

The 2014 BMW R1200GSAW Water Cooled Adventure motorcycles have just began rolling off of showroom floors across the USA. The phone lines have lit-up and owners of these bikes are calling hungry for parts they can add-on to their bikes. In this video, Chad Olson, Owner of Adventure Designs, walk you through 10 Key In-Stock items ready for immediate shipment and installation. You can see them all here:
or keep reading to find the link for your perfect accessory.
Highway Pegs: http://www.advdesigns.com/highwaypegs.html
Radiator Guards: http://www.advdesigns.com/alraguforbmw.html
Ultra Bright Blinkers: http://www.advdesigns.com/weulbrledbli2.html
Rox Risers: http://www.advdesigns.com/roxad2inpiri.html
Grip Buddies: http://www.advdesigns.com/orgrbuhacogr.html
Side-stand Foot Enlarger: http://www.advdesigns.com/alsistenfofo.html
GPR Stabilizer: http://www.advdesigns.com/gprstsa.html
Tire Pump Kit: http://www.advdesigns.com/mitipukitwit.html
GSW Ultimate Tool Kit: http://www.advdesigns.com/ulcotokitfor.html

Thanks for watching. Until next time, take care and ride safe!
Chad & the Adventure Designs Team


The team at Touratech-USA is loving the new water-cooled R1200GS and has spent much of the summer riding the new water-boxer, and helping people outfit their bikes for adventure. After an assortment of adventures, the company has put together this list of essential upgrades to help people prioritize the accessories they might be considering.