Oldsmobile Cutlass models are so popular and sales volume proves it yet again this year. Cutlass models are coupe, Cruiser wagon, Town Sedan 4-door, Sport Coupe, Sport Holiday hardtop coupe, Supreme Holiday hardtop sedan, Supreme Holiday hardtop coupe and the Supreme convertible, eight models in all. The total for all Cutlass models this year is just under 300,000 units. With so many different models to choice from, no wonder the Cutlass sold well and then again it has good looks. The last year of a Cutlass convertible, until the nineties, the ’72 Cutlass Supreme, sold 11,571 units. Oldsmobile celebrated its 75th anniversary this year while demoting the Olds 4-4-2 to option status, but there’s a hot new limited edition Hurst / Olds and it was named the pace car for the 1972 Indy 500. ( See video of the ’72 Hurst / Olds in this YouTube channel ). The engine in this one shown is a Rocket 350 cube with 180 horses. Look over this 42 year old Cortez Gold topless Cutlass. The general style and look of this mid-size Olds mimics the rest of the Oldsmobile line from it’s eggcrate grille to body sculpture. Yea ! Its has a white vinyl interior – not black ! Tis a real beauty, and I hope you agree that this last year of a Cutlass convertible was a great send off. Thanks so much for viewing this 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible.
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sorry video isn’t great. more too come