A walk-through video demonstrating how to remove, clean and refit the Idle Air Control Valve on a 2002 LR Ford Focus.

This is a commonly known problem with vehicles of this age.

Diagnosis is typically determined by the vehicle starting to run a little rough when downshifting at slow speeds (where engine speed may drop to idle), when coming to a stop and also is severe cases where the vehicle starts with a rough idle.

This is obviously not the only potential fault, but it can be something that can be addressed if your vehicle is behaving with similar problems.

**Note** that some vehicles may have a gasket between the Idle Control Valve and the Inlet Manifold.

CAUTION ** The proximity of the Idle Air Control Valve on a 2002 Ford Focus is directly above the starter motor. Ensure that you disconnect the battery to avoid shorting/welding your tool if you do make contact and close the electrical circuit. **

This video is a guide only and the information provided should be interpreted by the individual. Always use the correct tools and safety equipment when working on motor vehicles to ensure that there is no damage to yourself or the vehicle.
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