2008 Ford Focus Vibration Rough Idle Fix Solution

I describe the symptoms I had with my car and how an independent repair shop fixed it. THE COST is mentioned at the 3:20 mark for my ADHD viewers. 🙂

Note: This video does not show you how to repair – it shows symptoms and what the fix was.
2008 Ford Edge – Low Power, Stalling, Rough Idle, PCM, Lower Control Arm. Ball Joint, Recall Fuel tank. Negative battery terminal.
My Ford Edge all at once lost power, give the gas and it just bogged down. I turned the car off and restarted. It recovered but the check engine light remained on for a couple days, then the check engine light went out and everything was fine. Then one morning, it lost power again. The code said mis-fire on cylinder #5, #4, changed spark plugs and moved some coil packs around just to confirm it was not a coil pack, turned out to be the computer or PCM – I also had other repairs done on the car. I still think this is a great vehicle and will get another one.