All-New Nissan LEAF 48 kWh – 150-Mile Could Become Reality

In a demonstration of their passion for innovation, Nissan engineers have created a prototype Nissan LEAF with a 48 kWh battery in their spare time.
Following the manufacturer’s principles of on-going research and development of electric vehicles, the 48 kWh prototype carries a battery twice the size of the original Nissan LEAF production model, with a 75% increase in driving range in everyday conditions.
It was created by a group of technicians at Nissan’s Technical Centre in Barcelona (NTCE-S), whose passion and commitment to their work has given rise to the Nissan Innovation team. The team of volunteers take on a range of exciting endeavours, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with electric vehicle technology.
The prototype, codenamed ‘Cocoon’ in reference to the American sci-fi film of the same name, was built to compete in the Spanish motorsport event, ECOseries – a new initiative which rewards ‘efficiency and fuel economy rather than outright speed’.

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