E46 Slow Coolant Leak Fix DIY

The coolant temp sensor o-ring seems to not get mention in the cooling system overhauls. It’s very easy to replace and it’s hard to tell when it is leaking (there was no white residue). This is definitely a good place to start. Good luck 🙂
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you better get your beer and pizza for this video, I decided to do a full length no bullshit video on troubleshooting a coolant leak and making the repair. I decided to use my bmw 325xi as the model since it was leaking coolant. in this video your going to learn this master skills
find coolant leak in bmw car
learn to drain the bmw rad
learn to remove stupid fan and housing with a few beers and some swearing
learn to remove bmw rad hoses
learn to remove bmw thermostat housing
learn to use gasket maker and not to play with it like snot
you will learn how to reinstall everything back together and fill rad.

I hope you enjoy this full feature video
Video Rating: / 5