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• Electric cars are powered by electricity rather than fuel, which means that they don’t produce any CO2 emissions

Why is there a push for electric cars?
• Currently, cars and trucks add up to about 25% of the world’s CO2 emissions
• With limited amount of petroleum available, gas prices are always going to rise because supply decreases while more cars are being produced, increasing the demand or having it stay the same
• There is a greater awareness about the effects of CO2

• There is a ,500 federal tax credit upon buying an electric car
o State benefits vary from state to state
• You can get up to 0 for purchasing an electric vehicle charging station
• You will no longer have to purchase gas
• You do not have to spend time at a gas station, you can just plug in your car at home and at work
• With the average US electricity rate at 12 cents per kWh, you would be paying about a quarter as much for fuel costs, dropping your yearly fuel bill, on average, from ,400 to 0
How electric cars work and the science behind them
• Video
Arguments against Electric Cars
• Too expensive
o Argument against — nothing spent on gas, government incentives
• Electric Bills will skyrocket
o Argument against — on average, only an extra 0 will be spent on electricity whereas you the average American would be spending 00 on gas
• Range of electric cars is too short
o Argument against — On average, drivers in the US drive less than 35 miles per day
o Longer trips are made possible through charging stations
• Some of the proposed technologies are not realistic
o Argument against — Significant technology improvements are being made each year
 For example, electric cars can now be powered through the use of solar panels
Future of Electric Cars
• Electric cars could give power back to the grid
• On October 24th, 2013, Maryland, California, New York and five other states agreed toward a goal of 3.3 million electric cars on their roads by 2025

• There is currently work being done to create more efficient and lighter batteries
• There is research being done on fuel cells that would be smaller, much lighter, and instantly rechargeable compared to batteries
• Electric cars will greatly decrease the world’s CO2 emissions
• Electric cars are becoming more and more affordable each year
o Also becoming more profitable for car companies

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