How To Fix Dodge Ram Hemi Tick Recall!!

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Dodge Is going to have a Recall on the 2012 Ram For exhaust manifold leak…
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SEE UPDATE BELOW! My 2012 Dodge Ram has 1600km’s on it, and has been ticking since the day I brought it home. Chrysler will not replace the truck, they say its “warranty” I say defective. I dont want my brand new engine opened up.

I have found this link. which perfectly illustrates what the dealer had described to me as the problem. Here is a link to a picture that illustrates exactly what the dealer told me the problem is with my truck! Pins that engage in the lifters to lock them, and effectivly shut down cylinders, do not line up, or sometimes stick… This can cause the tick. Apparently this has nothing at all to do with the infamous “HEMI TICK” rather it is a mds lifter problem! Hope this helps someone!