How To Save A Lot Of Money Every Year By Saving Change & Dollar Bills

Hello YouTube. I usually show videos on how to make money scrapping, but today I thought I’d share another way to save. This is something my wife and I started 10 years ago when we got married. Just simply by putting your change in a jar & putting aside your loose dollar bills you can have a nice pile of money at the end of the year to either save, treat yourself to something or like we do, use it to buy Christmas gifts for Family & Friends. I hope this tip helps all of you save more money. Thanks for watching. Please Like & Subscribe! Take Care.
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Hello everyone! Well here it is November already and it’s time to add up all of our change and dollar bills that we collect during the year so that we can buy Christmas gifts for our Family and put the extra into our savings. This year we raised a little over ,900.00! This was over 0 more than last year. How do we do it? Well a little after we got married we were badly in debt and we never had any money to buy Christmas gifts for our Family. So we decided to start saving our change and 1 dollar bills. That first year we saved almost 0 dollars and to us then it was like a million bucks! Ever since then we have had the tradition of doing this every year. This is the most we have every saved. Close to ,000 dollars just by saving pocket change and dollar bills. The video we did last year had so much interest that we decided to do this update. We also had 100’s of comments on you folks wanting to try this. We would love to hear your success stories in the comment section below. Please share how much you have saved and what you plan to do with it! Thanks so much for watching our videos. Please Like & Subscribe! Take Care!