How to Weld With a MIG Welder With Pulse Control – Kevin Caron

From – Artist Kevin Caron shows how to weld with a MIG welder that has pulse control, first welding without pulse, then turning on the pulse amps, frequency and width to weld thin metal. Learn more about the MigWeld 250P MIG welder at See more how to videos at

this is a demo of a chinese OTC inverter welding rig, doing two operations (with no setup change) at the same time, with the double trigger/crater fill function. Adaptive pulse, .035 ms wire, 90/10 gas, 20.0V 373IPM-low/1st. 21.5V
around 400IPM on the secound trigger pull. the deposites on the surface stem from environmentally friendly lubricants on the part.
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