Mattel Disney Cars Jerry Recycled Batteries Gil Paul Valdez Oliver Lightload Chet Boxkaar Die-casts

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●Jerry Recycled Batteries appeared when McQueen fell out of Mack and was searching for Mack, but then mistook Jerry Recycled Batteries for Mack. Gil and Paul Valdez appeared during the scene showing some vehicles watching the last race in Los Angeles at a gas station. Chet Boxkaar and Oliver Lightload appeared when Mack drove by the rest-stop during the highway scene. Jerry Recycled Batteries, Gil, Paul Valdez, Oliver Lightload, and Chet Boxkaar were all released from 2009-2010, but Paul Valdez, Oliver Lightload, and Chet Boxkaar barely hit retail stores and were very hard to find.

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Here we have 7 trucks from Disney Pixar Cars. Gil, Wally hauler, Paul Valdez, Ben Crankleshaft, Chet Boxkaar, Oliver Lightload and Jerry Recycled Batteries. All the truck cabs are 1:55 scale diecast, and all the haulers are made of plastic.

Here’s how Pixar Cars is called in other countries:
Arabalar, Auta, Auti, Automobili, Autod, Autot, Biler, Bilar, Carros, Mankanebi, Masini, Ratai, Тачки, Tachky, Verdák, カーズ “Cars – Quatre roues” “Les Bagnoles” “Cars Motori ruggenti” “Les Bagnoles animées” “carros caminhões” “camion” “dessin animé” “dibujos animados” “cartone animato” “carros caminhão”

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Great News! John Lasseter, the director of Cars has announced Pixar is working on a Cars3 film about town of Radiator Springs. No worries, i’ll review all the future toys diecasts and playsets.

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