Mercedes BENZ OBD II Key Programmer

!!! NEW NEW NEW !!! First ever in the world EDILOCK Group Ltd. company is proud to announce its new OBD II key programming device for Mercedes Benz vehicles with FBS3 Immo system from 2010 to 2013 where with the help of our new device you can perform emergency start of Mercedes Benz vehicle while generating one of the keys from the car memory onto our special key emulator and this will allow you to start the vehicle as many times as you want without erasing any of the original keys from the memory of the car. Also, another important feature of the device is that you can stop the alarm after you connect the device to the CAN BUS wiring of the car. The device is tested on Mercedes Benz vehicles like G and GL KLASS 2010-2013, ML and R KLASS 2010-2013 and E KLASS 212 2010 – 2013 all with FBS3 Immo system.
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