*Please Read & VOLUME CAUTION*
I was just recording my car when suddenly I got an unexpected visitor running for her life through a rift between our worlds. And she wasn’t alone.

(This one took me awhile. Filmed half of this in October, put it aside to think of an ending/antagonist, the Holidays happened, got extra help to make the antagonist, filmed 8 different endings, and still not fully satisfied with the finale ending but whatever. With all the 2nd guessing and procrastinating I give you this My Little Pony In Real Life….ENJOY!
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CLICK HERE to see how this MLP IRL was done
Car Decals:
Sombra Vectors: Belligerent Sock
Help with Audio: StormXF3
BEST Encourager: D4ftP0ny

This is a work of Parody and is deemed fair use. All due credit to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
Video Rating: / 5