The Crew: Online PvP Race – Updated Koenigsegg Agera R Performance Spec [Best Perf Spec Car]

After the 7th January patch, the Koenigsegg Agera R is now the fastest performance spec car on certain tracks. The combination of the fastest acceleration in the perf spec, amazing low speed traction and great handling makes this car unstoppable against the 4WDs. It takes a challenge to master it though as it doesn’t like the curbs/sidewalk.

And there isn’t any difference in performance between a lvl 800 one and a 1200+ one… So what you are seeing how the car performs right now is exactly the same as a 1200+ lvl Agera (provided you installed the 2 most impactful upgrade part). It is recommended to use a lvl 20 bronze or silver weight reduction part to reduce the high speed unstability of the car which is it’s main weakness. It is also to reduce wheelspin at low speeds. And also add flowers, because flower power.